Giorgio A.F.Valentini -Fumatore d’arte-

“Fumatore d’arte”
2017, mixed media on panel, 80x80cm

Giorgio A.F.Valentini is from the Marche region by birth and Milanese by adoption. He attended the artistic high school and the book school of Urbino, with a focus on cartoons. He worked in the Bozzetto studio as an animator, artistic director and director. He participated, as a character creator, in the film Allegro Non Troppo. He collaborated on some of Enzo D’Alò’s films in Lanterna Magica. Later he had his own production company Motusfilm. He is an illustrator and author of children’s books, author of several animated short films awarded at various national and international festivals. He paints personal interpretations of the human figure and the portrait, two and three-dimensional, with mixed techniques ranging from clay, to digital, to acrylic, to papier-mâché. In portraits of contemporary artists, it shows the artist’s face, but also his art that mixes and intertwines with his work and his style is adapted to the composition, sometimes even leaving out verisimilitude, to give more space to this that I perceive of that artist.


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