Massimo Nesti -Visione di natura III-

“Visione di natura III”
2009, oil on canvas, 40x30cm

Massimo Nesti was born in Milan in 1967. He attended the Art School and the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan, graduating in painting under professor Saverio Terruso in 1991, with a thesis on the artist Ennio Morlotti and informal naturalism. His research is based on the study of the shapes of the human body wrapped and broken by vortices and lines of force that mark their rhythm. During his studies he deepened and analyzed the light and color of seventeenth-century painters: artists such as Caravaggio, Guido Reni, the Carracci, the Bamboccianti, were the subject of meticulous studies. In his works man is seen in continuous struggle with others and with himself, starting from an embryonic phase and reaching an ethereal, informal condition. In these vortices, in battles, man follows his vital path, thwarted and forgotten but always alive, with the thought of reuniting with the earth, with nature, in mind.


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