Elisa Latini -Strombilla di pino domestico-

“Strombilla di pino domestico”
2022, mixed media on cardboard, 31x24cm

Elisa Latini was born in 1978 in Jesi, she is an artist from Jesi who moves with agility between sculpture, painting and photography. In a vision that extends between botany, anthropology and the instinctual aspect, the artist’s poetics is linked to the interpretation of nature, its spaces and, above all, to the results of the interaction between man and nature, an essential and always healthy understanding. These components are particularly recognizable in Latini’s main artistic cycles: “Albero Ecologia dell’Anima”, “Art’Erbario”, and of national and international importance “In viaggio col Piccolo Principe non si vede bene che col cuore”. From her creative point of view, her works take shape from the contamination of different techniques in the meeting of tradition and innovation: the analogue medium is combined with the digital one; the natural dye of the vegetable joins the graphic sign and the color in a dance in constant search for light. The artist began his artistic activity in 2003 by participating in various collective and personal exhibitions. In this regard, we particularly highlight the exhibitions at the Galleria Rosso Cinabro in Rome, at the Spring Color in Castelfidardo and the “Casa degli Artisti” in Sant’Anna del Furlo; the “Albero-Erbario” project in twinning with the “DomoRuka” cultural center in Chile; first prize for participation in the national competition: “Vigne degli artisti, un vino per l’arte”; participation in the Workshop: “L’età nomade” at the former Testaccio slaughterhouse in Rome.


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