Claudio Parigi -L’inizio dell’arte-

“L’inizio dell’arte”
2024, mixed media on canvas, 50x40cm

Claudio Parigi was born in 1954 in Firenze, he lives and works in his studio in Lungarno. He has traveled all over the world. He also combines his activity as an artist with a literary activity, for which he has published travel stories, collections of poems and art brochures. His study of Renaissance sculpture and modern art is fascinating and he has participated many times in the Premio Firenze in Palazzo Vecchio. Some of his works are found in private collections in Italy and abroad, lithographs and sculptures have recently been sold at important national auctions. In the early 1990s he began making the first sculptures at the Fonderia Del Chiaro in Pietrasanta, where he also worked at the Laboratorio Scultori Associati.


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