Angela Latorre -Il paradiso può attendere-

“Il paradiso può attendere”
2024, watercolor on cardboard, 37x37cm

Angela Latorre was born in Tivoli in 1982, began her artistic journey since childhood, fascinated by the ability of masters like Caravaggio to create perfect shades. Her influences range across centuries and styles, from the imposing Michelangelo to the revolutionary Monet, from the bold Klimt to the delicate Schiele. After obtaining a diploma in cataloging and surveying of cultural heritage at the state art institute, Angela continued her artistic research both independently, experimenting with oil colours, and through more structured studies. Currently, she dedicates herself to the study of watercolor with masters and independently, having developed a magical relationship with this technique. Angela’s works have been exhibited in numerous group exhibitions, including an international participation in the Netherlands, and a painting by her was included in the permanent collection of a resistance museum in Braccano in the Marche, Italy. Angela’s creative process is guided by instinct, research and sketches, as she explores a variety of subjects including landscapes, portraits and animals. She dreams of entering the publishing world by writing and illustrating children’s stories, while always keeping her passion for watercolor alive. Her goal is for the public to perceive her deep love for art and watercolor, hoping that every observer will be enchanted by her works and transported to a world of beauty and wonder.


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