Matilde Berretta -I conigli arcobaleno n.1-

“I conigli arcobaleno n.1”
2023, mixed media on canvas, 70x50cm

Matilde Berretta was born in Rome in 1967. At 11 years old she created a drawing regarding the tragic event of Aldo Moro and it was published. She grew up attending elementary and middle schools at Montessori, where in the 70s and 80s she found multiple stimulus for artistic growth. It is the period of Japanise pop art, which invades the 80s and the world of cartoons. She graduated from the Institute of Art in Rome. She knows various materials, the 20th century art completes her inner emotional experience. She frequents social centers and meets musical artists in the world of the first Italian Rap of the 90s. She continues her studies in graphics at the European Institute of Design and gains experience as a creative in a large advertising studio in Rome. Recently, during the pandemic you participated in the Swiss Original-The Catalog Emmental event and the Flashback in Turin. In Jesi, where she moved in 1998, she participates in the collective exhibition Citypost, she creates a poster for the historic center, paying homage to pop art and the way of reuse.



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